I am so excited to be releasing music finally !

Hey everyone, it’s been so crazy and I have made a schedule so I will blog on Sunday evenings regularly and I may do an occasional spontaneous blog if I have something really bothering me! So it will be in evening after 6 pm unless I have a show then may be later But will definitely be Sunday! So if you follow me on anything you know I have new music out and more coming finally!

My first Christmas album is out on Spotify and all music platforms! Please download and share! My lyric video is on my you tube page! My EP Take it all back has been split up into double releases so I will be releasing two at a time! There is so much more to releasing music than I thought and I am doing the best I can and want to get music out so I will be releasing covers and originals once a month! When I am done with the music and finally release it it takes time for distribution , they say like 3-4 weeks estimation. Then I need to do artwork/photo for covers and a video so please be patient if there’s a few hiccups along the way! I have some shows coming up and would love to see fans! I have all info on my website and you can purchase tickets right there just click on the performance you want to attend and it will go to shopping cart! Thank you everyone who has supported me and even those who don’t I am inspired and driven by it all! I have so much I want to say with my music and want people to feel and relate to so they know they are not alone , we have all been there , wherever you are at this moment in time. Whatever is happening good or bad you can get through it and things get better sooner or later! I had a rollercoaster of emotions the last few days because another favorite artist of mine and so many has passed, Juice wrld. Words can’t express how sad this made me and then a video was posted and I thought it was real so I was so happy that he was alive and then found out he was really gone! He was so talented and young, like so many other great talented young artists and no matter why or when it is always soooo hard! My mom always says to me, “ when I go which hopefully is a long long long time from now when I am old and gray , remember me and all the good things about me and be happy and smile don’t be sad , celebrate me!” So I am not really like my mom she’s a super positive person who only is sad with serious things like this, I am much more emotional but I will try to take her advice because she’s usually right and I am going to remember and listen and smile and say thank you! RIP ❤️?? Juice wrld 

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